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Spinach Dill Deli Dip

Spinach Dill Deli Dip is one of my favorite Easter dinner appetizers. Not sold everywhere and not cheap at the deli. It’s easy; make it for less!



Spinach Dill Deli Dip

This is one of my favorite things to snack on while waiting for Holiday dinner! Sadly, you can’t find it everywhere. Some parts of the country don’t know about it yet! 😉  When I lived in Southern California I had a really hard time finding it in the deli section of my grocery store.  Even if you can find it, it’s not cheap! It’s much cheaper to make. Give this awesome recipe a try!

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Serve in a hollowed-out round bread loaf. Kings Hawaiian Sweet bread is the PERFECT accompaniment to this awesome cold spinach dip. Just whip up a batch or two, cut the middle of a round loaf and serve in it.  Then, cut the removed bread into bite-size pieces and set alongside bread bowl. Hungry friends and family can use the bread to scoop up the dip.

Warning: make more than you think you’ll need. This stuff disappears FAST!



Source: McCormick Recipes