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Cookie Recipes: Vanilla Crispies – Christmas & Valentines Cookie

Cookie Recipes: Vanilla Crispies – Christmas & Valentines Cookie Simple, easy and delicious. Your family will love them! They just melt in your mouth!


Vanilla Crispies Cookies Recipe

Whether it’s for Christmas, Valentines or Easter – these cookie recipes can’t be beat! Use vanilla cookies with different colored sprinkles or sugar to fit the occasion!

These Vanilla Crispies Cookies are simple, easy and delicious.  They just melt in your mouth!  They are tender and crispy and … quite addicting!

They’re great for making Christmas cookies! Santa will love these and your family will too. I can’t say for certain that Santa chooses houses with the best cookies first, but why risk it?  These cookies are easy to make and include ingredients that you probably already have in stock, with the possible exception of colored sugar.  The original recipe calls for plain white sugar, but adding red, green, gold, etc. makes them more festive for the holidays.

I like to use the base of a wine glass to press down and shape the cookies.  They are best when they are very thin, and the round base also serves as a way of making sure they are all the same size. You will need to get the base sticky by dipping the first time into the cookie dough in bowl, then set it into the sugar mixture (sugar mixture should stick to base of glass), and then press onto the cookie dough ball.  Lift slowly so as to not mess up the cookie.  If your cookie doesn’t have enough sugar on top, you can do it again as needed.

Be sure and time these very closely.  I always start with first pan on bottom rack of oven, timed for 4-5 minutes, then transfer to top shelf when second pan is ready/timer goes off.  I time/watch them very closely because they are best when they are not over baked.

Let cookies cool for a few minutes before removing from cookie sheet with a sharp (not blunt) spatula to remove the cookies.  I used two different kinds of cookie sheets, one was dark colored, non-stick surface and the other was silver/aluminum double-walled.  The aluminum pan really gave the best results but took a couple of minutes longer.  It’s worth the wait, I’d say. 🙂



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