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Awesome Carrot Cake Cookie Recipe {Easy & Yummy!}

One of my favorite recipes of all times is my “Awesome Carrotcake” recipe. I used that recipe, “changed it up” a bit, and created this much healthier, lower calorie cookie recipe that is pretty darned awesome.


Awesome Carrot Cake Cookie Recipe {Easy & Yummy!}

I’ve got a ton of great recipes that are not necessarily healthy.  One of my favorite recipes of all times is my Awesome Carrot Cake recipe.  To make Carrot Cake Cookies, I used my famous cake recipe but changed it up a bit.  From that somewhat-unhealthy treat, I created this much healthier, lower-calorie cookie recipe that is pretty darned awesome.  But don’t take my word for it. I asked my son to sample them as I anxiously awaited their critique.  I expected him to say that it was “okay” or  “kind of bland” or, his infamous funny answer, “tastes like chicken” (no matter what he’s eating).  But, to my surprise, he said “DELICIOUS!!”  I was so shocked I asked, “ARE YOU SURE???!”  Ha!

I’ve seen several recipes for Carrot Cake Cookies that call for oatmeal.  This is NOT an oatmeal carrotcake cookie. I’m sure they’re good – I love a good oatmeal cookie. But, this cookie tastes more like carrot cake in a soft cookie form.

Substitutions: To make this recipe healthy compared to my Awesome Carrot Cake, I replaced a few things. Instead of white flour, I used whole wheat flour. Instead of white sugar, I used unsweetened applesauce and agave nectar; and I used less eggs and less oil.  Normally I love crushed pineapple in carrot cake, but didn’t have any so I skipped it.  It might be good in the cookies though, so I’ll have to try that some day.

Calories? The calories in these Awesome Carrot Cake Cookies are almost half that of the regular carrot cake recipe (cake has 156 vs. cookies have 85).  Yay!

Cream Cheese Frosting is so good I practically drool just thinking about it. You can add it to the top of your cookies after they’ve cooled (or just before serving), OR try adding them to the bottom and put two cookies together to make a sandwich. If you’re making them for sandwiches, you can make them half the size so they’re bite-size and not too big! You can even mix in some fun colors to make them match a party theme. How fun is that?!

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